iwa251 Down


This service has been restored, thank you for your patience. There is no reason to expect this to recur given the resolution here so I am going to mark this incident as resolved. If you are still seeing any problems with a site, please open a ticket at https://secure.lightningbase.com and we will be happy to assist.

Problem Identified

The MySQL synch here is ~90% complete. That should finish soon, we will be looking to start up the database immediately after.

Problem Identified

This system is fully functional except for MySQL. We have a full copy of the MySQL data from immediately before the system failure, and are waiting on that to synchronize to the running system before making this service available. That is ~25% complete at this time, we will be starting MySQL immediately upon completion.

Problem Identified

This system experienced an error and was initially unable to restart. We have the system running and are now working on restoring MySQL availability. I will update this issue further as that completes.