Internap Datacenter Down


Internap is indicating this issue is fully resolved, and all Lightning Base systems have been running normally. We are going to close this incident, if you are seeing any problems with a site please open a ticket at .


Our internal monitoring is now reporting all systems as up. We are currently checking services manually, servers appear to have continued running during the entire outage as this was only a loss of network connectivity (as opposed to a power outage or other physical impact to the datacenter).

We will complete internal checks and will begin emailing clients that had opened tickets. This incident will remain open in a Monitoring state at least until Internap has pushed out a status update indicating things are resolved, as it is possible there will be higher latency or network issues as the repairs are finalized.

Problem identifiziert

We have received an update from Internap. They are indicating there is a complex multi-path fiber failure in the Chicago area, and crews have been dispatched to multiple locations to resolve the issue.

We will be continuing to monitor services here, both our systems directly impacted by the outage and sites impacted by the associated downtime at and

If you have any questions, please open a ticket in our client area.


The outage at Internap is continuing to affect Lightning Base servers that are hosted there.

This is causing outages for a variety of other sites/services as well, as it is a large datacenter. This appears to include, and, which show Internap IP addresses. Issues with are impacting performance of WordPress administration areas and potentially other parts of sites.

We are continuing to monitor the status here and will ensure all services are running normally as Internap comes back up.


One of our datacenter partners, is experiencing an outage at their Chicago location that hosts our older US-based systems. They are aware of the problem and are working on a solution, we will update this page as we learn more.

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